ABOUT The Claim Yard

The Claim Yard is made up of veteran mechanics with years of experience. 

Having owned and operated their own shop they are aware of the struggle of submitting a claim for both customers and repair facilities.  The Claim Yard's goal is to ensure the best care for you and your vehicle. 

The team stays up to date on the latest technology and engineering trends to ensure the greatest quality while processing your claims.


My claim was denied. Why?


Every contract is written for a specific purpose and product.  You will need to read your contract in depth to find out why. Many reasons we see denials: not covered under the contract, lack of maintenance records, expired coverage, lack of information.

How long does a claim really take?


Most claims can be handled within 24-72 hours if all parties [customer, repair facility and potentially dealer] process information correctly. Claims drag out when information is missing, the claims form was filled out incorrectly, product numbers are missing or parties involved are not responsive.


RV and Travel Trailer claims can take additional hours due to the nature of the industry. 

I want to purchase coverage for my vehicle, where do I go?


There are a few options on where to go/who to contact. Check out our partner sites to find out more.

I am a Dealer and want to have you adjudicate my claims, how does this work? 


There are a few options on where to go/who to contact. Check out our PARTNER sites to find out more. 


Meeting with Bad Boy Mowers check out the latest and greatest products and advancements in engineering. This allows The Claims Department to make the most educated decision on your claim.  Check out www.badboymowers.com for more info. 

Recon on new Motorsport products.  As technology advances so do out mechanics. We have to stay updated on the new products out there to ensure your claims are processed appropriately and with the best products. 


Strategic Administration Group


Administrator behind this claim department.

Also an Agency providing VSC, LW, etc to dealers and customers.  

Visit: www.sagionline.com



Partner for riding Mowers. 

visit : www.badboymowers.com

We The Machine


Agency providing VSC, LW, etc to dealers and customers.  

Visit: www.biztobizmachine.com


Headstart Warranty Group


As RV Season comes to and end we see an increase in claims.  In preperation for this we make sure to chekc out the newest models and parts to have a better idea on what you will need when you are filin


Once Submitted please check your email for additional information and confirmation we have received your claim. 


Claims are processed in the order they are received.  Submitting multiple claims will not speed up the process. 

We pride ourselves on processing your claims in a timely manner. 



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