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My Claim was Denied due to 'Exclusion'. What does that mean?

An exclusion might be due to vehicle type, usage, or due to stated coverage. This is on a case by case basis per claim and per contract.  

Acura NSX, Alfa Romeo; Aston Martin; Audi R, R8, RS, S-Series; Bentley; BMW 8, M Series, Z8; Cadillac Catera, Allante, CTS-V, HT-4100, XLR; Corvette; Chrysler Prowler, SRT; Daewoo; Diahatsu; Delorean; Dodge Sprinter, Stealth, Viper, SRT, SRT-10 Truck; Eagle; Ferrari; Fisker; Ford Cobra, Mustang Cobra, Saleen, Shelby, SVT, GT, GT40, Taurus SHO, Lightning, Raptor; GMC Typhoon; Hummer H1; Jaguar XJ, XK; Jeep SRT; Jensen; Lamborghini; Lancia; Lincoln Blackwood; Lotus, Maserati; Mercedes AMG, CL, 55, 600,G/GL, S/SL/SLR; Merkur MG; Mitsubishi 3000GT, VR4, Lancer Evo; Nissan 300ZX, 350Z; Peugeot; Pontiac Firehawk; Porsche, Renault; Range/Land Rover; Rolls Royce; Saleen; Spyker; Strerling; Subaru; WRX STI; Triumph; Volkswagon Phaeton, Touareg; any vehicle equipped with engine larger than 8 cylinders; twin turbo, Alternative fuel, High Performance, Kit Cars, any vehicle equipped with the following engines: Cadillac 4100, Chrysler and Audi 2.7L, W8. Also, any exotic car, electric vehicles, gray market cars, livery vehicles, mileage unkown, any modified vehicle, any vehicle equipped with dual rear axles, any vehicle exceeding 1 ton, any vehicle with oversized tires, undersized tires, any vehicle with a salvage/rebuilt/junk title, Lemon Law Returns, any manufacturer buyback, taxis, buses, city and state owned vehicles, or vehicles with mechanical failures at the time of sale, or having over 200,000 miles.

CURRENT [2/4/2019] EXCLUDED VEHICLE USAGE* Commercial vehicles, vehicles used for ANY type of competition, rental cars, police vehicles, ambulances, tow vehicles,
vehicles used for snow plowing, or any vehicle used for commercial purposes

What Class is my Vehicle?


Current [2/4/2019] Vehicle Classes are listed below.

I have stated coverage. What does that mean?

Stated coverage means that the components [pieces of the vehicle] listed on your contract are the covered items. Anything outside of those components may not/are not covered.  

* Contracts are individual, exclusions vary per contract type 


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